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Robert worked closely with me to help me build the strategy for my business. He also worked with my IT developers to help them understand what functional changes are required to enable the business to be truly efficient. I have definitely gained massively from working with Precision MC.

A Merline / Merline Certs

I am highly recommending Precision MC for a great business strategy, and good clarity of your numbers in the business. They are doing a great job!

Y Weber / Bowtique

He created a sophisticated spreadsheet using complex formulas in Excel. He used the business knowledge for the bespoke system. 

I would highly recommend that Robert and his team to anyone looking to expand.

Y Leiner / Swiss Estates
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  • Financial Advisory
  • Budgeting
  • Cashflow
  • Creating strategy based on financial data
  • CFO / Non-exec (interim / contract support)
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • People and Staff Management
  • Departments Restructures
  • Creating solid business plans for funding
  • Understanding of investors’ requirements and expectations

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Shaya Kramer is the Director of Renwear Ltd, based in London. They supply a range of companies including Kingsmill Bakery. They rely heavily on Precision for management accounts to understand the forecasts and budgets and how that impacts their business growth.

Case Study

How Precision’s Solution Resolved a Dilemma of Overworked Employees and Led to £300,000 Additional Profit

Problem A company with many employees was facing a dilemma. Some of the employees were doing the practical parts of their role, but they were falling behind in the data-keeping and record-keeping tasks. When the managers asked them why they were not doing the data keeping, the employees said they [...]

Solving a Cashflow Crisis and Restoring a Supplier Relationship

Problem A big company was having cashflow issues that prevented them from paying their suppliers on time. One of their suppliers got so frustrated that they stopped supplying them, which jeopardised their business operations and reputation. Solution The company contacted Precision for help. We intervened directly with the supplier and [...]

How We Turned a Cold Calling Campaign into a Lead Generation Machine

Problem: A client wanted to launch a marketing campaign to reach out to potential customers for their service. However, their approach was too generic and impersonal, and people perceived it as cold calling. As a result, they were not getting enough leads and conversions. Solution: We redesigned their marketing strategy [...]

How We Helped a Small Property Company Save £100,000 with a Simple Solution

Problem: A small property company with only one or two employees was overwhelmed by the amount of work they had to do. They needed help with managing their staff, their projects, and their clients. They were not using a good property management system, because it was too hard and time-consuming [...]

Implementing Change for Sustainable Growth

Problem A thriving startup in the service industry faced a classic dilemma – a surge in demand and rapid growth, but without the necessary infrastructure and processes in place to support it. The ambitious goal of reaching the next level of business required a comprehensive roadmap. The challenge was not [...]

Navigating Growth Through Strategic Change Management

The Problem A rapidly growing construction business sought our help to propel their growth even further. Despite being a relatively new business, they were flooded with leads, boasting an impressive conversion rate. However, they recognised that they needed to fortify their operations to ensure smooth and continued growth. This included [...]

Streamlining Operations and Boosting Efficiency through Robust Process Modelling: A Case Study

Situation A client who specialises in property management, construction and refurbishments came to us as they felt the complexity and scale of their operations were limiting their growth. With a wide range of stakeholders involved, including suppliers, landlords and tenants, the organisation experienced a lack of cohesion and coordination in [...]

From Application to Approval: How We Secured Lottery Grant Funding for A School’s Play Production

The Problem A school within our local community came to us with a desire to put on a school show for 60 children with SEN needs. They believed that this would give these children a suitable medium for expressing themselves and developing their confidence in a safe and expressive manner. [...]

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Shimon and his team have been a great help. He found areas where we can improve and gave us some great advice on how to improve through areas.


Small Business

Very detail orientated would recommend, happy to have used Shimon.


Zev Ritvo

Robert provided an excellent service and provided many interesting insights into our business.
I found this to be a professional and helpful service providing clear and easy to understand advice.

Oxley Finance

Moshe Klyne

The session was used well, I came out with a much clearer picture of what I needed to do!

Park Edge Estates

Benjamin Black

Working with Shimon and Paul was a big success and can highly recommend 👌

New Hall Watches

Abraham Salomon

Shimon’s attention to detail is meticulous! He will not leave any stone unturned to get the desired results. He is entirely focused and committed to drive your business forward. Highly recommended!

Feldart Collection

Shaya Grunfeld

Having worked with Shimon and his team on an individual project, he has helped us to no end, both in his financial analysis capacity and clear understanding of HR. Keep up your great work!



Although I have consulted with many other people before, I found Shimon to be grounding and to have common sense way more than anyone else. Was a very sensible investment, and highly recommended for anyone who is seeking to grow.

RSBM Finance

Moses Bodner

We are into innovative eCom Projects. The team at Precision Management worked with us to create Financial and Marketing plans. Their involvement gave us more clarity to focus on our vision. Precision’s Consulting also helped in assessing our overseas outsourcing team.

eCom Projects

Sage Sebastian

Efficient, professional, quick turnaround and pleasant to work with. All around well recommended.


I Kaufman

Great advice always! Patient, friendly and most of all honest. Keep up the good work!

Avreli Beds

E Geller

It’s been a pleasure working with Shimon. Very organised, straight forward, and a calming presence.


M Heimann

Great support with HR, helping with contracts and staff reviews and restructuring the finance department with easier applications giving training and continuous support.



We called Shimon to help us create a business plan. Shimon dealt with it very efficiently, in a professional way. He honed in on our needs and produced a good plan. He also helped with other professional documents required.



Mr Woolfson understood the finances and our issues. He was able to make recommendations to help restructure. He guided us through to implementation and we are now seeing the savings in action.



Shimon was instrumental in identifying control weaknesses in our company and implementing software to control the purchasing and cashflow.
He is a great listener, gives attention to detail and loves to solve problems with simple solutions.
His reports are clear and easy to follow.



Robert came into our company and was able to pinpoint what we needed to do to move forward. He helped us restructure the team and streamline the work. He introduced new programmes which has eased the workload and enabled us to concentrate on the important stuff. His personal and friendly approach made the whole experience ever more enjoyable and successful!



I worked with Shimon to assess the feasibility of expanding my current business. He helped me identify risks and forecast costs to evaluate whether the idea was feasible. Thanks to Shimon I now feel in control and confident about my decision.

Trims & Cuts

Y Corn

Meetings with Shimon ensure we are dedicated and focused on the right issues to keep progressing and pushing the limits whilst maintaining our current high standards.

We continue to benefit from his outsiders viewpoints and expansive experience and would confidently recommend him to everyone besides our competition!

Woodberry Management

Z Abenson & U Reich

It is a pleasure working with Shimon. His analytical approach to small problems and large systemic issues, his attrition and commitment to seeing projects through to the end has helped our organisation make huge progress over the last 12 months.



We worked with Shimon writing up a business plan for our organisation to take to the statutory authorities and funders. At all times he was pleasant, and efficient, was available at times to suit, and made it his business to understand the work we do, where we are and what we want to achieve. He is extremely astute and good at what he does, and we really enjoyed working with him. It helped us plan going forward and we have no hesitation in highly recommending him

Special Spirits

Mrs D Haffner

Robert provided an excellent service and provided many interesting insights into our business. I can’t recommend his services enough!



Robert has literally transformed our business through a thorough analysis of identifying our strengths and weaknesses. Robert has consistently been available to assist and guide us through challenging times and continues to be a great form of support. We would highly recommend Robert to any business in need of restructuring or advice. Our business would not be the same without him!

Pristine Flooring

C Englard

Robert is extremely focused, very passionate and devoted to the growth of the clients business. We worked with him on (but no limited to) Financial projections, user roles, team building, marketing & business plans. He guided us through various teething challenges, also providing us with invaluable life skills. Most important of all, is his humble character and working with our needs.

Woodberry Management

Gershon Rose

Professional and helpful service providing clear and easy to understand advice.

Let's Move Management

Y Strassman

Razor sharp. To the point. Tops!


E Winegarten

I wanted to grow my business but wasn’t sure of the best way to do so. I had a number of questions about recruitment and strategy. Precision MC worked through my questions in an organised manner and helped me identify the right people to grow my business. I am still on this journey with them but I feel much more supported and confident in what I need to achieve going forward.

Rose Power Electrician

Aryeh Rose

Would highly recommend Mr Woolfson for all business advice, easy to talk to and get things done efficiently.

Computer World

Dave Rosenberg

Having used other business coaching services in the past, I was simply blown away by the precision with which Shimon hones in on the critical factors and isolates them. Accurate and complex financial models are produced in record time and used to guide the focus of recommendations. This is insight beyond typical ‘try harder’ coaching. The depth of the analysis is especially impressive considering the speed and thus value for money the time provided yields.


Mark Wittler

I worked with Precision MC to create a clear marketing strategy and also to define my IT requirements for a new bespoke system. Robert worked closely with me to help me build the strategy for my business. He also worked with my IT developers to help them understand what functional changes are required to enable the business to be truly efficient. I have definitely gained massively from working with Precision MC.

Merline Limited

Alter Merlin

I found Shimon to be full of wisdom, insight and professional understanding. I left our meeting with a clear strategy for growth. If you are looking for assistance with furthering your business in any way – I highly recommend Precision Management Consulting.

Gold Pro Services

Yossi Goldberg

Engaging Precision MC was the best move for the restructuring and growth of our organisation. Mr Woolfson is a total all-rounder. He is committed to getting to know the finest details of all streams of the business/organisation and has the knowledge and understanding to navigate each and every scenario wisely. We experienced high levels of honesty, reliability, punctuality, responsiveness and insight with a great dose of pleasantness from his passionate and joyful personality. His high level of emotional intelligence is exceedingly valuable when it comes to sensitive matters. He knows when to push the team and when to allow for a pause. He remains loyal to your cause. Personable, practical, a real mentsch as the saying goes.

Noam Ziv / Treasure Hunt

Sara Devora Chrysler

Sharei Cham has been working with Precision MC for over 2 years. They’ve helped tremendously with our business plan and now we rely on them for our financial planning. We couldn’t recommend them enough!

Sharei Chaim Yeshiva

Doniel Holter

I am highly recommending Precision MC for a great business strategy, and good clarity of your numbers in the business. They are doing a great job!


Yanki Weber

Mr W bravely got right into the core, succeeding where others failed. He persevered in helping us to achieve clarity in our product and took the time to do his own research for our benefit, constantly remaining highly focused towards our goal. He made each one of the team more aware of their own and each other’s strengths (and weaknesses in the kindest way)! Thank you for continuing to guide us in our expansion and growth.

Noam Ziv / Treasure Hunt


I worked with Robert to build a system for quoting and estimating. Robert sat with me to understand my business and how I estimate prices. This quoting system is just what I was looking for.

He created a sophisticated spreadsheet using complex formulas in Excel. He used the business knowledge for the bespoke system. I now just need to enter specific values in certain cells and everything I need is calculated for me!

I would highly recommend that Robert and his team to anyone looking to expand.

Swiss Estates

Yossi Leiner

I was not managing my business and going round in circles. It was causing me anxiety and the business was affecting my personal life. After one long session I already felt understood and had some structure in place. I now understand what staff I need and the processes I need to grow the business. I am finding more space in my own life and feel more empowered. we are now working together to accomplish our goals.

Healthcare Practitioner

R Gross

Shimon was extremely helpful in creating a business plan for our organisation. With a very patient approach he managed to get us to focus on where we have come from and has guided us how to move forward in an effective and manageable manner. He showed much interest in the organisation which encourages us to continue doing the wonderful work we do!

Special Spirits

Mrs C Einhorn

Our experience was exceptional and consistently over delivered. A lot of time was spent listening and understanding how our organisation works and together with senior management set a clear vision for growth. A practical plan was then drawn up with much attention to detail. The results were beyond our expectation!

OYY Lubavitch School

M Cohen

Mr Woolfson understood our needs, and acted accordingly, with confidence and efficiency

Beis Malka School

B Dresner

Good afternoon hope you are well.
Just had a meeting with Paul. He is fantastic! Explains makes it all clear, highlights area to focus on etc


C Pink

Excellent business advice! Breaks down the issues at hand and helped us tremendously to improve the structure of our business Ty!

EMH Commercial

David Blender
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