How Precision’s Solution Resolved a Dilemma of Overworked Employees and Led to £300,000 Additional Profit


A company with many employees was facing a dilemma. Some of the employees were doing the practical parts of their role, but they were falling behind in the data-keeping and record-keeping tasks. When the managers asked them why they were not doing the data keeping, the employees said they could do it, but they would not have as much time to do the practical parts of their role. The managers had to make a decision, as they could not afford to lose either aspect of the work.


The company came to Precision for advice. We analysed their situation and found that the root cause of the problem was the employee utilisation rate. The optimal utilisation rate for employees should be about 80%, meaning that they should have some spare time to deal with unexpected tasks or issues. However, the company was demanding too much from their employees, and they were working at 100% utilisation. This meant that they had no room for any additional tasks, such as data keeping and record keeping. We suggested that the company should reduce the employees’ workload to a more reasonable level, and allow them to have some breathing space.


Our solution resulted in a positive change for the company and the employees. The company was able to balance the practical and the data aspects of the work and ensure that both were done properly and well. The employees were able to work at the optimum level, without being overworked or stressed. They also felt more satisfied and motivated with their work. The company reported an improvement in its productivity, efficiency, and profitability. This grew their investment and management by over 50%, with gains of over £300,000 per annum.