Streamlining Operations: How Precision Transformed a Busy Entrepreneur’s Business Model



A busy sole entrepreneur managing multiple projects and a substantial property portfolio found himself overwhelmed with the workload. Lacking support and experiencing difficulties in managing the operations single-handedly, he sought assistance from us.


We initiated a comprehensive assessment to pinpoint the specific areas where the entrepreneur needed support. Recognising the need for additional manpower, we assisted in recruiting an administrator and a property maintenance manager. Providing hands-on guidance, we not only advised on job specifications but also actively participated in the recruitment process, from drafting job specs to conducting interviews and negotiating terms with candidates.


With the newly recruited staff in place, we continued to provide tailored support, ensuring a smooth transition and effective integration into the business. Weekly meetings and targeted guidance were established to assist the maintenance manager and administrator in fulfilling their roles effectively. Additionally, we facilitated training sessions and accompanied the maintenance manager on-site visits to build confidence and competence. The result was a streamlined and efficiently operating business model, highlighting our commitment to data-driven solutions and hands-on support in driving business success.