Excellent business advice! Breaks down the issues at hand and helped us tremendously to improve the structure of our business Ty!

EMH Commercial

David Blender

Good afternoon hope you are well.
Just had a meeting with Paul. He is fantastic! Explains makes it all clear, highlights area to focus on etc


C Pink

Mr Woolfson understood our needs, and acted accordingly, with confidence and efficiency

Beis Malka School

B Dresner

Our experience was exceptional and consistently over delivered. A lot of time was spent listening and understanding how our organisation works and together with senior management set a clear vision for growth. A practical plan was then drawn up with much attention to detail. The results were beyond our expectation!

OYY Lubavitch School

M Cohen

Shimon was extremely helpful in creating a business plan for our organisation. With a very patient approach he managed to get us to focus on where we have come from and has guided us how to move forward in an effective and manageable manner. He showed much interest in the organisation which encourages us to continue doing the wonderful work we do!

Special Spirits

Mrs C Einhorn

I was not managing my business and going round in circles. It was causing me anxiety and the business was affecting my personal life. After one long session I already felt understood and had some structure in place. I now understand what staff I need and the processes I need to grow the business. I am finding more space in my own life and feel more empowered. we are now working together to accomplish our goals.

Healthcare Practitioner

R Gross

I worked with Robert to build a system for quoting and estimating. Robert sat with me to understand my business and how I estimate prices. This quoting system is just what I was looking for.

He created a sophisticated spreadsheet using complex formulas in Excel. He used the business knowledge for the bespoke system. I now just need to enter specific values in certain cells and everything I need is calculated for me!

I would highly recommend that Robert and his team to anyone looking to expand.

Swiss Estates

Yossi Leiner

Mr W bravely got right into the core, succeeding where others failed. He persevered in helping us to achieve clarity in our product and took the time to do his own research for our benefit, constantly remaining highly focused towards our goal. He made each one of the team more aware of their own and each other’s strengths (and weaknesses in the kindest way)! Thank you for continuing to guide us in our expansion and growth.

Noam Ziv / Treasure Hunt


I am highly recommending Precision MC for a great business strategy, and good clarity of your numbers in the business. They are doing a great job!


Yanki Weber

Sharei Cham has been working with Precision MC for over 2 years. They’ve helped tremendously with our business plan and now we rely on them for our financial planning. We couldn’t recommend them enough!

Sharei Chaim Yeshiva

Doniel Holter

Engaging Precision MC was the best move for the restructuring and growth of our organisation. Mr Woolfson is a total all-rounder. He is committed to getting to know the finest details of all streams of the business/organisation and has the knowledge and understanding to navigate each and every scenario wisely. We experienced high levels of honesty, reliability, punctuality, responsiveness and insight with a great dose of pleasantness from his passionate and joyful personality. His high level of emotional intelligence is exceedingly valuable when it comes to sensitive matters. He knows when to push the team and when to allow for a pause. He remains loyal to your cause. Personable, practical, a real mentsch as the saying goes.

Noam Ziv / Treasure Hunt

Sara Devora Chrysler

I found Shimon to be full of wisdom, insight and professional understanding. I left our meeting with a clear strategy for growth. If you are looking for assistance with furthering your business in any way – I highly recommend Precision Management Consulting.

Gold Pro Services

Yossi Goldberg