Elevating an Organisation: A Case Study on How Website Redesign and Board of Advisors Improved Client Acquisition

The Problem

A client came to us, keen to enter the international market, but not sure where to begin. They felt the key thing holding them back were their marketing efforts, and more specifically their website.

The Solution

The obvious solution to us at Precision Management Consulting was a complete website redesign. Their original website was dated, confusing and contained a lot of acronyms and terms which their clientele wouldn’t have been able to understand or resonate with. We had a critical look at their website and provided them with some legitimate feedback. They informed us that they had worked with other consultants who had failed to do this.

Next, we began the website redesign. To give their product more gravitas, we created a board of experts and allowed them to review and comment on the product. We then included the evidence and feedback on the website, stressing the experience and gravitas that this organisation held.

The Outcome

The outcome was that our clients now had a fantastic new website, which was clear and sold their skills effectively. The new and improved website was used as a basis for their marketing efforts. The website redesign led to them working with highly respected individuals in their field, and even travelling to Africa, and America to sell their products. This has led to a projected increase of £10,000 in their bottom line.


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