Building a Strong Foundation: How We Assisted a Commercial Property Management Company in Meeting Legal Compliance Standards

The challenge

This commercial property management company is run by a sole practitioner who outsources a lot of tasks virtually to manage all of his properties. Outsourcing left him with no clear business structure, which was hindering business growth. The wide range of labour-intensive business components contributed to the lack of structure. There are numerous legal checks required of his property management company. This meant that no element of the business could fall through the cracks without the risk of a lawsuit.

Our solution

By outlining the business model, we could formulate transparent processes and identify any areas which needed to be streamlined. As this sole practitioner ran his business remotely, we utilised the online visual brainstorming platform MIRO. This enabled us to map out his daily tasks and determine which parts of the business could be automated. Finally, we created a complete software requirement specification (SRS) to assess the risks, costs and time needed to develop this new piece of software.

The results

By streamlining his business model with automation, this sole practitioner can delegate his time and energy in a far more cost-efficient manner. Not only did our actions solidify the business structure, but they also helped to relieve the burden of the most painstaking tasks. The SRS has put the company in great stead to create a piece of commercial property management software that is tailored to this company’s specific needs. This has empowered him to focus on the long-term business goals for his property management company.

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