From Micromanagement to Growth: Helping a Healthcare Business Owner Find Success Through Empowerment and Training

The challenge

One of our recent clients was a professional who had two components to her healthcare business: consultations and a shop where she sold healthcare products such as vitamins. She wanted to find effective business management tools for their vitamins shop. Ironically, the key issue with the structure of this business became apparent due to the prosperity of the vitamins shop. The shop was bustling with customers. She managed and controlled every element of the health business, leaving her with an insurmountable workload.

Our solution

Due to her heavy workload, this healthcare professional used to micromanage her staff in an attempt to get the work done. Our management consultancy team helped her identify the three key categories of her business: the vitamins shop, consultations and training programme. We helped to create a new timetable, enabling her to delegate tasks to staff members. This gave her staff clear guidelines for their responsibilities and deadlines. Then, we devised a full training programme to train her employees in different areas of the health business.

The results

Our consultation process with this healthcare business is ongoing, and we are still holding monthly meetings to ensure that the structural changes are working effectively. However, this healthcare professional has become an efficient manager instead of an overworked self-employee. The new timetable has allowed her to dedicate more time to consultations, one of her key business goals. Once she had achieved this goal, the manager could run her training programme, which has successfully trained 10 participants so far. 

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