Navigating Divergent Visions and Customer Stress: Increasing Turnover by £20,000

The Problem

Within a business, two team members had divergent views regarding the future direction and five-year plan for the business, leading to miscommunication and misunderstandings. Matters were further complicated by the fact that the business had a large customer base but lacked effective systems to manage customer stress. The stress and divergent visions combined make it difficult to identify effective solutions.

The Solution

To help overcome this, we spoke to each individual to ascertain their company goals and identify potential solutions. Then we brought everyone together to resolve the problems collectively.

The Outcome

This process enabled us to identify ten changes the business needed to undertake, including improving customer management processes, invoicing procedures and response protocols to reduce stress levels. These changes have resulted in increased efficiency, stronger teamwork, and overall business performance. This improved business performance is projected to increase their turnover by 10%, or £20,000 per annum.divergent

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