Get organised with a professional personal assistant and boost your business

Calling all small business owners and managers: do you have an unmanageable workload? Are you struggling to organise meetings with clients? Wasting your time on menial jobs? If you’re nodding manically to these questions, then you probably need to hire a personal assistant.

If you are deliberating whether or not you should hire a personal assistant, read on to learn about what assistants do, how they can boost your organisation and the importance of business administration.

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Personal assistants and their role in business

You may be wondering which responsibilities a personal assistant can take on. The answer is that your assistant can do whatever you feel comfortable for them to do. Typically, PA may be tasked with the following jobs: 

Taking charge of clerical duties

A personal assistant can answer phone calls, handle enquiries and take the reins with any other clerical duties. They can forward your calls to you if you are busy, and can handle any unwanted or random calls. Your PA can respond to any enquiries from your staff members, business associates or customers on your behalf if you are out of the office.

Managing your schedule

Personal assistants are best utilised to manage your work schedule. Granting them access to your schedule, they can use a spreadsheet or online business organisation tool to add or remove events from your calendar. This enables you to quickly check your schedule throughout the day and know exactly what you’re doing, when you’re doing it and when you’re not – there’s nothing worse than turning up to a cancelled meeting!

Benefits of hiring a personal assistant

Hiring a personal assistant or administrator can drastically improve your business organisation. By paying a personal assistant to handle clerical duties and manage your schedule, you will be able to invoice more of your time to your clients and business partners. This will, in turn, generate more business revenue as you can dedicate your time and energy to providing your company’s goods and services to clients. 

Additionally, your personal assistant can serve as the go-between for you and any new sources of business. They can arrange calls and meetings with potential partners so that you can build your client base or increase the number of your investors. So, a personal assistant can play a big part in increasing your bottom line by arranging new business and taking care of your enquiries.

The importance of good business administration

Creating a sound organisational structure for your business is very important for maintaining an efficient business strategy. Not only will hiring a personal assistant increase your number of employees, but they can also improve the productivity levels of you and your team. This will boost your company’s reputation, generating more business as your client base expands and your small business continues to grow. 

So, what are you waiting for? Create a job description for a personal assistant and post it on a job board today to find a qualified administrator for your business. Let your PA take on all of the jobs that aren’t the best use of your time.

Boosting your business organisation with Precision Management Consultancy

At Precision Management Consultancy, our professional team of management consultants can help you enhance your business organisation skill set as a manager or small business owner. We can locate the areas of your business administration which need some work, and support you as your implement structural changes to your business and management strategy. If you would like to find out how our consultancy services can help your business, fill out our short contact form and we will be in touch.

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