Robust Financial Forecasting Leads to Successful Investment of £500,000 for Product Expansion

The Problem

A company with a desire to expand its product range came to us to help them secure the necessary investment. They had insufficient financial forecasting to help them secure this investment.

The Solution

To help the business secure funding, we created a financial forecast for the next five years, including sales projections and estimated overheads based on firm assumptions.

It is worth noting that a previous attempt to create a business plan for the company failed due to its lack of sophistication in the financial projections, despite having visually appealing graphics.

The Outcome

As a result, an investor registered their interest, and a potential £500,000 could be provided by said investor to enable the business to expand its product line. The investor made it apparent that their interest in investing stemmed largely from the sophisticated financial forecasting undertaken by Precision Management Consulting.

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