Surviving the Squeeze: 5 Strategies For Businesses In The Cost of Living Crisis

The cost of living crisis has affected everyone, whether you are an entrepreneur or you work an office job, we have all felt the squeeze, with our money not going quite as far as it once did. If you own your own business, this may feel more real than ever as you have other people’s livelihoods resting on your success. So, my intention today is to give you my 5 cents on the cost of living crisis and to offer real, implementable strategies that you can use to ensure your business stays afloat despite this economic storm!

What is the cost of living crisis?

In essence, the cost of living crisis is an economic situation in which the cost of utilities and food has increased much faster than average household wages. This leaves people unable to afford the luxuries they once could. Even more starkly, it forces some families to choose between food or heating, and even worse still it has pushed record numbers of people into poverty. So, how can you (go some way) in combatting the impact this has on your business?

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Evaluate Your Operations

You should undertake a thorough evaluation of the way your business operates. This should involve carefully investigating your business’s financial standing, cost structures, cash flow control, customer analysis, operational efficacy and risk assessment. By doing this, you can highlight vulnerable areas and take proactive steps to address excessive spending or cost overruns. You will also be able to identify the main cost factors impacted by the crisis, encouraging you to resolve potential cash flow gaps.


If, upon evaluating your operations, you notice that your service or product is no longer selling so well, you should consider diversifying your offerings. Alternative revenue streams may help you to offset the impact of the rising costs on your bottom line. To identify some appropriate products or services you could offer, you could conduct some market research. This will help you to identify current trends and consumer demands which are very different during times of economic crisis. People are less frivolous – so perhaps focus on what people NEED rather than what they want.

Utilise Technology

You should try to harness, where possible, the power of technology to help you overcome the challenges posed by the cost of living crisis. Technological solutions can help you to improve efficiency, lower costs, and streamline your operations. Utilising cutting-edge software, cloud computing, and data analytics tools can improve your decision-making procedures and offer insightful information for cost reduction.

Workforce Optimisation

Workforce optimisation should form another element of your cost of living crisis business strategy. It can help you to lessen the effects of rising costs and maintain competitiveness by maximising the productivity of your workforce. So, how do you raise workforce productivity and efficiency? Some quick wins are implementing clear work processes, offering sufficient training and resources and promoting a culture of continuous improvement.


Collaborating with, or partnering with other businesses gives you the ability to pool resources, split costs, and access expertise. In doing so, you may find creative solutions, cut costs, and achieve sustainable growth in a difficult economic environment by utilising group power and cultivating relationships that benefit both parties.

Government Grants

If you don’t think that the above strategies will make enough of a difference to your business, you should consider applying for government grants. These grants, which are offered by a number of governmental organisations, are intended to reduce financial burdens, foster economic growth, and promote business resilience.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, the cost of living crisis is very real and has some serious negative consequences. However, if you follow some of these tips you should be able to better weather the economic storm. If you require any further support, please get in touch with the team!

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