Navigating Cash Flow Challenges: A Business Owner’s Journey to Financial Stability with Data-Driven Solutions

The challenge

A business owner recently approached us because he was facing a cash flow crisis. He had asked many different accountants and bookkeepers for help, yet no one could explain why his growing business was desperate for money every month. This owner’s business was highly profitable. However, investing money at the beginning of his contract contributed to the financial problems. Therefore, our management and financial consultants needed to find an effective solution which would control his business finances whilst continuing its success. 

Our solution

Thanks to our detailed analysis, we could distinguish the weak points in the company’s financial management. We engaged in a round-the-table discussion with the client to explain where his cash flow struggled to keep up with his business. Working closely with the client, our team designed a new business model which would mitigate the cash flow problems. Together, we implemented gradual changes which would maintain his healthy business plan, but reduce the unhealthy cash flow impact. 

The results

Our consultancy service did not stop there. As part of our maintenance, the final stage of our service, we are currently monitoring the cash flow statement (CFS) of this business every month. This enables us to ensure that the business finances are improving, which will keep existing and potential investors happy. The process has completely changed this business owner’s financial management strategy. He told us that he now understands exactly how his company is doing and knows how he can keep his business on track.

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