Simplifying the Complex: How a Business Owner Crafted a Compelling 60-Second Pitch with Our Expert Help

The challenge

Here at Precision, we know just how hard it can be to explain your business model to others. One of our clients approached us for this exact reason. The business owner had an excellent business model but felt as if he couldn’t adequately express his business idea to customers and potential investors. Thankfully, our specialist consultancy team helped this client find practical solutions to improve his company.

Our solution

The Precision team collaborated with the client to create a 60-second pitch for their business. This encouraged the client to think carefully about his business and consider how he can sell the business to potential investors in a short space of time. Our team integrated the pitch into a formatted email. Next, we designed comprehensive terms of agreement to present to his clients before they agree to work with him. The newly defined terms of agreement helped him clarify the deliverables, standards and business expectations for his prospective clients. 

The results

We are proud to report that our implementation of these small changes had a profound effect on our client’s business practices. The formatted email now serves as a firm basis for his sales and marketing strategy on his website as he continues to build his client base. He wanted to set clear performance targets for a certain member of staff, so he utilised the new terms of agreement. The business owner could set clear workplace expectations and boundaries for his employee, such as responding to all emails within a certain number of days. 

small changes

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