5 Reasons Your Business Isn’t Turning a Profit

Why isn’t my business turning a profit? Why am I not making as much money as I would like?

Our clients frequently complain that their companies are not turning enough of a profit, or that they aren’t turning a profit at all! It can be difficult to pinpoint what the problem is exactly, and this is why an outsider’s perspective is often necessary. However, if you don’t have the funds right now to invest in a business expert or consultant – this article will have to do! Today, I will give you 5 reasons why your business isn’t turning a profit.

Charging the Wrong Prices

It seems obvious that if you charge too little for your products or services you won’t make a profit, right? Well, this is not as straightforward as it might seem. Many of our clients have fallen victim to not charging enough, which in turn damages their profit margins.

To appropriately price your goods and services you need to account for additional expenses like salaries, insurance, and utility bills. Rather than concentrating on your gross revenue, you should look at what is left after all of your costs are paid for! If you are struggling to turn a profit, increasing your prices might be a good place to start.


Another possible explanation for your lack of profit could be that you’re overspending on things you don’t actually need! To ensure you are not overspending you should concentrate on the necessities, keep track of your spending and learn to budget for those luxury extras rather than blowing your working capital on them.

Not Attracting the Right Customer

Do you have a fantastic product, but can’t seem to find anyone to purchase it? This could be because you have failed to identify your ideal customer! To do this you should look at the current clients or customers who love your goods or service. These people are your ideal customer!

You should try to learn more about them by running customer interviews. By having open conversations with your customers you’ll be able to better understand what they love about your business. This could be your goods or services, your customer service or your marketing! These conversations may also help you to identify areas for improvement.

Ineffective Marketing

If you have failed to identify your ideal customer, then your marketing strategy is probably not effective. To draw in clients and make money, you need to advertise your goods and services. Your business may struggle to turn a profit or to make sales if your marketing efforts are not targeting the proper demographic or if your message lacks impact.

Not Adapting

You’d be astonished at how many business owners began by providing a certain good or service and then switched to something entirely different. They identified gaps in the market, learned what their customers wanted, and made adjustments to their offerings accordingly. If you fail to adapt to suit your clients’ everchanging wants and needs, your company won’t continue to be successful.

Take Netflix, for example, they were once a DVD delivery service. However, they identified that increasingly people were accessing movies and TV shows online, they quickly jumped to fill the gap in the market, and are now a behemoth in the media industry. Would their growth have been so significant had they just continued to sell DVDs? I don’t think so! So – pay attention to your clients, understand your market and be prepared to adapt and evolve!

Concluding Thoughts

Turning a profit is a critical aspect of running a successful business but at times it can feel impossible. Try to implement some of the strategies we have discussed today. If these don’t work, please get in touch with us at Precision MC, and our team of experts can help you turn your failing business around!

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