4 Free Tips for Hiring Staff That Make a Difference


Your employees have the power to make or break your business. If your team do not work together effectively, your business goals may not be met, or worse, your business may start to fail. Thus, it is crucial that you hire staff that are both capable, hard-working and fit in with your company culture. Today, we will give your our top-notch tips for hiring staff that make a difference.

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Know Who/What You Are Looking For

Our first and most critical tip for hiring staff that make a difference is to know what you need. If your job description is unclear, you will have people from all specialities and niches applying, making it difficult to sort through the range of different CV’s you will receive. Therefore, we encourage you to sit down with your existing team members and clearly establish what/who it is that your business needs. If it is a marketing manager, check out other job descriptions on Indeed and tweak them to suit your particular business requirements.

Allow Them To Demonstrate Their Skills

Now that you are clear on what skills you need, you should allow the candidate to showcase these skills in your interview. Every step of the hiring process should involve testing. You should be just as interested in how the candidate prepared and followed up as you are in their work history and interview responses, from their form application through their communications and assignments. You’ll receive a thorough understanding of the personality traits you asked them about when the questions are correctly organised and assessed. The candidates who exhibit humility, desire, organisational prowess, and transparency will prevail.

Candidates who don’t exhibit these traits will probably be eliminated through testing. This strategy will pay off, ensuring you avoid costly hiring errors by adhering to your protocol and not allowing unqualified people to come forward.

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Ensure Who You Hire Is Aligned With Your Company Culture

There are a number of steps to ensuring a potential employee will be aligned to, and fit in with your company culture.

  • Defining Your Company Culture
    • To find out what makes your workplace unique, you should speak to your current staff members. Based on their feedback, you should be able to formulate a mission statement and establish your firm’s values. This will enable the potential employee to comprehensively understand your company’s culture.


  • Discuss Company Culture in Interview
    • During the interview process, spend time talking about the corporate culture. During the interview, reiterate these principles and be sure to ask pertinent questions that will show a candidate’s ability—or lack thereof—to fit in.


  • Perform a Background Check
    • While a person’s character and work ethic could perfectly match your ideals, you need to confirm this to safeguard your interests. First and foremost, you should use employee identification verification to confirm that they are who they claim to be. You should examine their employment history to ensure they have the required experience. Reference checks can typically be used to do this. 


  • Personality Test
    • Pre-employment personality tests are becoming more and more common because they provide employers with quick access to crucial information about a candidate’s temperament and character. Some people can even determine how specific personality qualities connect to their capacity to fulfil the various job criteria.


  • Involve Your Existing Staff
    • When attempting to decide whether a candidate is a good fit, getting multiple viewpoints is also helpful. Make sure individuals participating in the interview process will interact most directly with the new employee.

Have a Good Onboarding Process

Once you have chosen the perfect candidate for both your business’s needs and your company culture, you need to onboard them into your business. Nowadays, many businesses grossly undervalue the significance of effective employee onboarding. Only 49% of businesses have a relatively successful onboarding procedure, according to statistics, while 22% of businesses have no formal onboarding programme in place. Employees may experience stress and a sense of isolation from the rest of their team if the onboarding programme is unsatisfactory.

You might now be wondering – what constitutes an effective onboarding process? An efficient onboarding process enables new workers to comprehend their place in your company’s overall structure. An effective way to do this is by holding a number of gatherings and other events before they begin working their full-time employment over the course of many weeks.

Concluding Thoughts

Today, we have given you our four top tips for hiring an employee that will make a difference in your business. Hiring employees can feel daunting, but following our advice will ensure that you hire someone who will help enhance, rather than hinder, your business. Hiring strong candidates is essential, and your onboarding process also makes a difference. Contact us for some help when hiring staff that make a difference. 

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