From Homemade to High-End: Professionalising a Pita Bread Company to Top-Quality Restaurants, and Growing their Bottom Line by £10,000

The Problem:

A client came to us who wanted to professionalise their image. Their top-quality pita breads have been a staple in the North Manchester community for years, but they were ready to take their business to the next level and expand into the wider food industry. In order to do this, they needed to upgrade their branding and marketing strategy.


The Solution:

We began by hiring professional photographers to capture their pita breads in all their glory. We then invited local chefs to come in and create delicious suppers using the pita breads, which were photographed and shared on their social media platforms. This helped to demonstrate the versatility of their product and showed their potential customers how they could use their pita breads in their own cooking. 

To expand their reach, we also utilised Linkedin and taught them how to network effectively with potential customers and industry professionals. We used this platform to find a sales development manager who could help them reach new clients and expand their business further.

The Outcome:

With our help, our client was able to attract more high-quality customers, including higher-end restaurants. The pita bread can now be sold at a higher price point, which will increase the bottom-line of the business by an estimated 10% annually. Their current turnover is £100,000 per annum, so our efforts have increased their profit margins by £10,000.

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