How We Helped a Non-Profit Organisation Expand Their Reach

The Problem

A non-profit organisation came to us confused. They had a fantastic product, designed to improve mainstream schooling, but struggled to integrate it and sell it to other schools! In order to establish why they were having such difficulty, despite the strength of their product, we analysed all aspects of their organisation. From the staff to the marketing even down to the emails they sent. Through this analysis, we established that their writing and the emails they were sending were not specific enough at attracting the right market, which meant that schools were not taking them, or their product seriously.


The Solution

To help them overcome this issue, we took an immersive approach. We began by drafting some standardised emails and issuing these out to hundreds of schools internationally. They got a lot of responses to these emails, and the next step was for them to respond to these interested parties. To best support them in this, our in-house business writing experts vetted each email.


The Outcome

This ‘hand-holding’ approach led to the non-profit organisation getting large contracts in the UK and America. Get in touch with our team, we will do anything we can to help you overcome your business issues!

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