Building a Better Future: A Charity’s Journey to Securing a Business Mortgage for a Special Needs Premises

The challenge

Special Spirits is a special needs charity based in Manchester aiming to enrich the lives of children and young people with many different special needs. This charity needed a comprehensive business plan to apply for a mortgage. The non-profit intended to use its business mortgage to build built-for-purpose premises for young people with special needs. Various local authorities and other government agencies would be assessing their application. Therefore, we needed to ensure that it was watertight before they sent it off for review. 

Our solution

Our professional consultancy team worked with Special Spirits to map out the business processes of this non-profit. We outlined their daily tasks, roles, responsibilities, costings, risk analysis and hierarchy of governance. Next, we collaborated with the team to create a 20-page document which detailed all aspects of their practice as a special needs charity. We developed this document into a complete business plan. The new plan was designed to help Special Spirits apply for a business mortgage.

The results

The new business plan was received well by everyone and gained some very positive feedback. Once Special Spirits were happy with their plan, they finally sent off their application for a business mortgage. We are delighted to report that this special needs charity was granted its business mortgage. The loan has enabled Special Spirits to build their built-for-purpose premises. This new building will provide immeasurable help to the team of over 80 volunteers as they work hard to improve the lives of children with special needs.

special needs charity
Image courtesy of Special Spirits