Going Global: How We Used Hubspot To Increase Projected Profit Margins by £20,000

The Problem

A client came to us because they wanted to go global, but the challenges they faced in their communication and marketing efforts posed an obstacle to expanding their business. The communications to their existing clients in the UK were ad hoc and unprofessional, making it impossible for them to expand their client base internationally.


The Solution

To help them overcome this obstacle, we set them up on Hubspot. Hubspot is a leading provider of inbound marketing, sales, and customer service software. The company is known for its all-in-one platform that helps businesses attract, engage, and delight customers. Hubspot offers a suite of tools for content creation and optimisation, email marketing, social media management, and lead nurturing, as well as a robust CRM for managing and organising customer interactions. 


Once we had set them up on Hubspot, we searched for 400 potential clients based in America, South Africa and the wider world who they wanted to target. By using formulas and excel spreadsheets, we effectively refined this data. The data was uploaded to Hubspot, which enabled us to segment their email list and target specific audiences with personalised emails.


The Outcome

The results of implementing the new email marketing campaign thus far have been impressive. The company saw a significant increase in its emails’ open and click-through rates, which will lead to a projected increase in website traffic and engagement. 


Moreover, by implementing email marketing, the company have also increased their projected profit margins by £20,000. It is estimated that email marketing will convert between 1%-10% of email recipients into paying customers. If we air on the side of caution and estimate that 1% will become paying customers, this will be four new paying customers. Each new paying client is worth £5,000. Thus, boosting their projected profit margin by an extra £20,000.

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