Mediating Partnership Disputes and Increasing Profit Margins: A Case Study on Resolving Differences through Effective Project Planning

The Problem

We worked with an organisation where the two partners had completely different personality types. One partner is very detail-oriented, whilst the other is results-driven. This created friction in terms of both strategy, and cohesive, collaborative working.


The Solution

To overcome this, we recommended that the business introduce concrete project plans with milestones and deadlines. Within the project plan, all the tasks could be organised within a gantt chart. This enabled the detail-oriented partner to focus on the smaller details whilst enabling the results-driven individual to see how the details fuel the outcomes. This was a simple yet dramatic change, and for the first time ever, they are clear about how, why and when the milestones are being completed and how long each project will take.


The Result

Now that the two partners are working to each of their strengths, they are able to work more efficiently. They estimated that their efficiency and productivity have increased by 20%, making their customer base significantly happier because the targets being set are realistic and are thus, being achieved. This has increased the chance of customers returning to the business which will have a projected benefit over time of increasing their profit margins.

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